Safely and securely backup and restore Office 365 email, OneDrive and Sharepoint

Office 365 Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online and OneDrive Backup

An easy to use agent-less backup solution for Office 365 email, OneDrive and SharePoint which backs up your data direct from Microsoft's Data centre to ours. Set up within 5 minutes and the backup can run while you work. Restore at email, mailbox or document level within seconds. Virtually zero management required.

Office 365 Backup main features

Explore the main features of our secure and resilient Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive backup solutions below.

Why Utilise Mitol's Office 365 Backup solutions?

As more businesses move to the cloud, adoption of Office365 Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online and OneDrive is surging. However, running business on cloud services also comes with a whole new set of concerns and challenges. Clients concern is still the risk of data loss caused by human errors and hacker intrusion. Mitol PerfectBackup now offers a backup solution which 100% secures all your Microsoft 365 cloud data.

Deployment of our Office 365 backup solution is easy and flexible. To backup all data within an Office 365 domain, simply create a backup client user on the latest version of our management console with Office 365 module enabled. Then, you can create an Office 365 backup set via our portal (agent-less backup). After a few steps of configuration, such as selecting the Office 365 items for backup and setting up the backup schedule, the selected data will be automatically backed up from the Microsoft data centres to ours. If required local backups can also be configured.

More and more businesses are moving from an in-house infrastructure to a cloud environment and the leading solution for small to medium business is Microsoft Office365. Whilst the adoption of cloud computing is fast becoming the norm, running your business via cloud services like Exchange also creates a new set challenges. Data loss due to hardware failure is greatly reduced however, the risk of email loss caused by human error and hacker intrusion is still common place.

Some consider these risks realistic and some may never care, but we all must understand the importance of protecting cloud data. Consider the fact that email communications with clients and suppliers contain important information which may threaten continuity of business should it be lost. This is why we consider having a regular and secure backup of all email data by a reputable 3rd party provider to be essential.

Microsoft does offer a basic inbuilt backup solution for Office 365 but many consider this to be lacking in reliability and functionality for businesses to rely on. Retention policies and recovery capabilities do not meet the requirements of most businesses. Mitol PerfectBackup protects your businesses Office 365 mailbox data, creating a point in time backup and securely transferring directly from your office 365 cloud to our three geo-dispersed data centres. Once we have your backup you are able to restore from any required set point in time at granular email level or mailbox level.

Please remember, staff regularly delete data by mistake and unfortunately sometimes intentionally. Putting this in to context, nearly 75% of data loss events are due to human error and statistically nearly one third of UK businesses will experience data loss. We cannot state how the loss of email data will impact your business or what the consequences will be, but we can eradicate this potential issue starting at £1.00 per month.

Backup or Archive?

Two processes which are often confused are backup and archiving. Other than the fact both processes take a copy of email data, which may or may not be used at some point, there the confusion should end as backup and archive solutions are used for completely different purposes.

Regardless of where stored, a backup is essentially a point in time copy of your important data which is securely stored but always available should data be lost. The only reason to take a backup is so you know you can restore should the worst happen. Backups are a dynamic process as your data changes so does your backups. Archives are a different matter as they lock the whole of your data which need to be stored in the same state for long periods of time. This data is not used on a day by day basis but it may need to be drawn upon at a later date. Often archived data is moved away from existing storage infrastructure as it will never be needed immediately.

A backup is simply a copy of the current and active information stored on your servers. When a backup copy of your data is created, the original files are not affected and still reside in the same location. While an archive is also a copy of your data, the archiving process relocates the data from your business’s primary storage location and moving it on to less expensive and more long-term storage locations.

If a business loses data the ability to restore data is paramount, and the ability to restore from a time which is as close to the time of data loss is also an important factor. As such backups are usually incremental or continuous this ensuring data can be protected as quickly and as often as possible. Usually the reason for accessing archived data is not as time sensitive so 48 hours to view the archive is sometimes not unacceptable.

In summary, archiving is used by business which need store data for a long or indefinite period to comply with vertical and or geographical regulations, for example solicitors or financial consultants. Backups are taken to ensure your data and business is safeguarded against human error, hardware error or any disaster in general. Data backup and data archiving as solutions are complimentary and should be used together.

Office 365 Backup Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

In short NO! Microsoft provide a 365 environment. They provide the infrastructure in which you work but the data you store there is yours and your responsibility. For example, SharePoint has a 14 day retention/recycle bin and can be expanded with pricier versions but this data is easy to delete and is not considered a long enough period. Many of our clients have a backup retention policy lasting months so can recover email or SharePoint data from any point in time.

It’s your business and your choice. But if a disgruntled member of staff purges your data there is no way to recover. When your data was stored on a server in your office what was your backup and restore policy then? Just because you store your data in the cloud should you reduce your backup responsibilities?

NO! Call us for a full explanation

Yes! For example, backing up your Office 365 data every hour directly from Microsoft data centres to our three redundant data centres with a retention policy of potentially 10 years will meet all your GDPR compliance requirements.

Using our backup software an ultra-secure connection is created between Microsoft’s and Mitol PerfectBackup’s infrastructure. Mailboxes, SharePoint, OneDrive and whatever else is required can be selected to back up at a frequency set buy you. The whole process takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. Once the initial full backup is complete then all further backups run incrementally. Please remember the backup process does not rely on your internet connection speed as data transfers directly from Microsoft’s data centres to ours. Mitol PerfectBackup has been the custodians of thousands of client’s backup data for over the past 18 years and the principle has not changed, Simple, Secure, Automated and totally Secure.

Totally, Military grade encryption with a 16 digit encryption key secures your data while in transit and while it is stored with us. Please remember not to lose your encryption key as your data will not be recoverable without it. We cannot access it. It is impossible to recover your office 365 data without a correct encryption key!

Yes, you can recover individual emails or a whole mailbox, individual documents or a whole SharePoint site with a few mouse clicks. You can recover from last backup or from a backup from 5 years ago. The restore from backup process will recover data as fast as your office 365 environment can receive it. Yes, we can genuinely restore data faster than Microsoft can receive it!

Below gives you examples of how fast Office 365 backup data has been restored compared to one of our well known competitors:

  1. Case Study 1 - 50 mailboxes each of 1Gb and 7Gb OneDrive Files, 400Gb total file size. Competitor restore time 16hr 10min , Mitol restore time 11hr 40min - 28% faster
  2. Case Study 2 - 50 mailboxes each with 1Gb, 50Gb total file size. Competitor restore time 3hr 55min, Mitol restore time 2hr 25min - 38% faster
  3. Case Study 3 - 50 OneDrive accounts each with 7Gb, 350Gb total file size. Competitor restore time 14hr 54min, Mitol restore time 9hr 15min - 38% faster