Hosted Microsoft Exchange
Highly secure and available hosted Microsoft Exchange email solutions

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

If you were asked the question "what couldn't your business survive without", chances are you would reply email. Today businesses are almost totally dependent on email for client and supplier communication, business generation, invoicing and staff management. Having a single point of failure, namely an internal email server within the organisation is now too much of a risk for most businesses. The answer is therefore to have a cost effective solution hosted in a secure environment that is accessible across all your devices via an internet connection at all times.

Powered by multiple servers running latest software versions in geo-redundant UK data centres, our hosted Microsoft Exchange service offers an enterprise class email solution at a fraction of the expected cost of an onsite solution. Hosted Exchange offers much more than just email, included is an integrated system for managing business life, a solution which is available 100% of the time. Email, contacts, calendar and documents are all brought into a centralised location which is always available and accessible. Being away from your usual place of work no longer means being out of touch.

Mitol Hosted Exchange main features

Explore the main features of our secure and highly available Hosted Microsoft Exchange solution below.

Fast, Flexible and Scalable

Mitol's Hosted Exchange solution will certainly save and protect you from initial hardware investments, implementation costs, future upgrades and management costs. We have a competitive pricing model, with a fixed price of £5.50 per mailbox per month. Our platform comprises of a large number of enterprise class email servers that work together across our three UK based data centres, every aspect of the email system has the appropriate failovers ensuring that your email is available to you 100% of the time.

Seamless across all your devices

You will never be out of touch again, let all your email devices automatically synchronise. Whether you use Outlook on a Desktop PC, laptop or MAC, or if you want your emails on your tablet or Smartphone, our Hosted Exchange solution will connect you and will keep all your information synchronised from email to tasks, calendars or contacts.

Outlook Web Access

Imagine if you didn't have your laptop with you and your smart phone has no battery? This isn't a problem because all mailboxes can be accessed via internet based Outlook Web App. Simply go to a device with a connection to the Internet and login in to the Web App to send and receive emails.

Migration Service

The process of changing email provider or migrating emails from a local server to a hosted solution can be very technically challenging and time consuming. Let us take care of this for you, we can help you migrate your entire system to ours without downtime or data loss. Many of our clients leave work on Friday and come back on Monday morning having absolutely no knowledge of any changes. Everything appears just the same. Contact us on 01904 737 528 and we can talk you through the migration process.

So much more than just an email account

Whilst ensuring we are competitive in the market, added value and all encompassing are two phrases that we adhere to. Our mailboxes are not just a basic version of an email account, all mailboxes have unlimited storage quotas along with a two year un-delete facility. All inbound and outbound emails are scanned via Spam Experts virus protection and every mailbox is backed up nightly with a retention period of up to 30 days.

Your sensitive data hosted here in the uk

Mitol Exchange is hosted in three data centres located in England (London, Manchester and Leeds). As we are based in York, we are central to all our data centres and ideally located within three hours of all three locations. As all data is stored in the UK and managed by a UK based business we are not affected by jurisdiction of the US Patriot Act. Safe Harbour is creating a legal storm at present and we don't intend to either drag you in to it or make your data less secure than it should be.

Our multi level firewall and network security, combined with the physical data centre access prevention measures, ensures that only you have access to your email data. Only a very select few are named contacts for the systems we use ranging from software level right through to actually having access into the data centres.

All of Mitol's data centres are fully ISO27001 accredited, so your data is protected with the highest level of security and protection. Potentially malicious email is kept at bay with our specialist provider SpamExperts. The combination of all of the above always gives you the best possible protection against viruses, intrusive software and loss of data.

Hosted Exchange Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

Hosted Exchange is an email hosting solution running in a cloud environment removing the need for onsite servers. Users still benefit from functionality such as calendar, tasks and contacts from any device with an internet connection.

All our Hosted Exchange packages run in a multi-server, multi-datacentre environment, so we are able to include a 99.999% SLA. This means no more than 4 minutes un-scheduled downtime per year.

You can access your emails from anywhere using any device with a browser and internet connection using an email client or OWA (Outlook Web Access).

Yes! All devices are automatically synchronised, all changes made to your emails, calendars and contacts etc. will be reflected across all devices.

If you have purchased your own domain you can definitely use your existing email address. We provide full support to ensure this gets set up correctly.

Absolutely not, but at the time of migration to our hosted email you will need access or be aware of someone who has access as some records need to be changed. It is usually very easy to change your existing DNS however we are happy to support you with this.

Yes, we can setup your mailboxes, change your DNS records and even import your existing emails into your new mailboxes. This migration service is included at no further cost.

Yes, we provide a management portal where you have full access to your email environment. For example, you are able but not limited to:-

  1. Add, delete, change mailboxes
  2. Setup distribution lists
  3. Change permissions
  4. Setup aliases
  5. Add additional domains
  6. Change spam filter settings
  7. Setup public folders

You are able to take full control as if it is your own onsite Exchange server.

Yes, a bulk import utility is provided within the Hosted Exchange control panel. You are able to create up to 200 mailboes at any one time using an excell or .csv template. Please contact our support team for further information and template download location.

Yes, you can have as many as you require.

Public folders are a feature of Microsoft Exchange that you can use to share contacts, calendar items, messages, or notes with other users. To ensure security an administrator can set permissions of which users have access to what data.

We do not place any limits on the size of a mailbox however, your local email client may have trouble loading and managing mailboxes of hundreds of Gb.

We try to be as flexible as possible; You can send email to a maximum of 50 recipients at a time with attachments of up to 200Mb. Please note, our hosted email should not be used as a bulk email facility and would recommend solutions offered by companies such as Mailchimp.

The retention period for all email data is set to 30 days. In reality this means anything deleted e.g. emails, calendar data and public folders should be stored in retention and therefore able to transfer back to a live environment for up to 30 days after deletion.

All our hosted Exchange systems are backed up every night and stored for 30 days. If data is deleted by accident and purged from the retention then we can still recover your data up to 30 days after deletion.

Yes, we have partnered with SpamExperts and is included with all our hosted email services. You are able to manage your Spam filtering from within your hosted exchange portal. For added convenience Microsoft Outlook plug-ins are also available.

Yes, we have partnered with SpamExperts and is included with all our hosted email services. Attacks which allow unauthorised users access to a user's endpoint are on the rise and these events increase misuse of user's devices. Outbound filtering helps protect your company's reputation and avoids blacklist problems by filtering against outbound spam, viruses and malware based threats.

We raise an invoice on the last working day of every month. We invoice for the number of mailboxes you have active at that point in time. We then usually collect payment on the 24th of the following month via direct debit. For convenience we also accept payment via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

None, we do not require a mininum number of users or hold you to any long term contracts. You are able to add or delete users via your hosted exchange portal so if all email users are deleted by the last day of the month we will not bill you.