Remote workforce enabling hosted desktop solutions, available anytime, anywhere

Cloud Hosted Desktops

Hosted Desktops provide workers/users with an industry standard Microsoft Windows desktop environment which can be securely accessed by any new or old PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or phone from any location with internet access. A fast internet connection is not required to be efficient and productive, many of our users work successfully using a 3G connection. Regardless of where you work from your hosted desktop will always be constantly the same.

Hosted Desktop main features

Explore the main features of our Hosted Desktop solutions below.

  • Security

    All your data is stored in multiple data centres in the UK and encrypted to the same levels used by the financial industry. Data is not stored locally on a device used for access.

  • Reduced cost

    It is no longer required to buy, maintain and power on-site servers. High bandwidth connectivity to work hubs or head offices are no longer required.

  • High Speed Backup

    We backup your data twice a day, no need for expensive backup devices and no associated management costs.

  • 99.999% Availability

    When your server is down your workforce becomes less productive, in most cases productivity usually stops. A hosted desktop solution from Mitol guarantees 99.999% availability, in other words less than 20 minutes downtime per year.

  • Reduced Carbon Foot Print

    You no longer need to power servers, backup hardware and storage devices. You also no longer need to power air conditioning to cool the servers and associated devices. You can use older laptops and mobile devices without the loss of application performance.

  • Reduce your IT Costs

    With a fixed price per user model, there is no need to replace expensive IT hardware because you may have outgrown it sooner than was expected.

  • Work from Anywhere

    Access whatever application and data you need from any device in any location.

  • IT Integration

    Combine the IT infrastructure of multiple offices and enable your staff so taht they can work remotely.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Hosted Desktops give businesses the ability to offer their workforce much more flexibility improving productivity.

  • Implement BYOD

    Bring your own device (BYOD) allows staff to use their own devices which are familiar to them to securely access your hosted desktop environment, this increases productivity as there are no learning curves, more up to date as staff may upgrade phones and devices more regularly and reduces hardware costs for the company.


Why choose a Mitol Hosted Desktop?

Fast, built on industry leading HPE hardware coupled with highly resilient SSD HPE 3Par Storage replicated across 3 data centres. Imagine your business having multiple servers with over 76GB bandwidth and with almost unlimited SSD storage performance is not an issue.

Scalable, start with one hosted desktop and grow to hundreds of users, we can easily scale without any upfront costs. As standard, we guarantee 100MB data bandwidth per user. You can concentrate on running your business and we will take care of the IT infrastructure.

Security, let us take care of firewalls, multi-factor authentication, rogue users and customer defined backup. All data is stored at a secure data centre and not locally, therefore reducing the risk of corruption, virus and cyber-attacks.

Cost effective, simple price structure means you can easily plan for future growth as you are able to attach an IT cost per employee.

Backup, we backup all your data two times per day and store all backed up data for 28 days as standard. We can restore a user’s data or individual files instantly. We are even happy to offer monthly restore drills.

Highly available, our hosted desktop infrastructure does not rely on a single component. Server components, actual servers and even data centres can totally fail and your service will continue as normal. Mitol is one of a few providers who offer 99.999% service availability.

Hosted Desktop Frequently asked questions

Due to the nature of how a hosted desktop solution works, a connection of only 2mbps per 10-20 users will provide an adequate level of performance.
Yes, we customise our services to work as you need so can add any Windows based application to your environment.
We replicate your hosted desktop to our data centres in Leeds, London and Manchester in the UK.
To ensure your uptime we proactively monitor hardware, connectivity and security 24 hours a day.
Once you have logged on to your PC, laptop or mobile device, you will then need to login to the web URL specified by Mitol to launch your hosted desktop. We still enjoy the fact that we can login via a mobile device, close the connection and login with a laptop and our hosted desktop is just as we left it.
Our desktops can be accessed from devices running Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10. Mac, MacBook or iPad using the Free Microsoft Remote Desktop Software on the Apple Store. On Linux you can use FreeRDP. For Android the Microsoft Remote Desktop application is freely available.
We do not believe in holding companies to long term commitments, so we work on a 1 month rolling contract. If you don't like what we are doing, all we need is 1 month cancellation however we would appreciate you letting us know why you don't like us.
Monthly in arrears. Usually we invoice on the last working day of each month for what you have used and collect on the 10th of the following month via direct debit. We can accept payment via bank transfer or PayPal.
Mitol Hosted Desktop comes with 100Gb of file storage per user and can be aggregated as required between users or a shared environment. Email also comes with a 100Gb Mailbox. We always remain flexible and storage can be increased to whatever capcity you require.
Mitol operates in a Windows 2019 environment so all users will see a familiar Windows 10 look and feel.
Absolutely, many of our clients run their business in this way.
Yes, we offer Hosted Exchange 2019 at a minimal cost and can take care of the migration for you. Please see for further information.

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