Enterprise File Storage and Collaboration
Cloud based file storage for your business data, team folders, sync, secure sharing & collaboration

Secure and available Cloud storage

Your FileCloud data is stored in a secure encrypted state in three ISO27001 accredited data centres and therefore we offer 99.999% availability.

The FileCloud iOS app allows users to automatically backup their media files (photos and videos) directly to FileCloud. This is a very convenient feature and some popular public cloud services such as Dropbox, iCloud provide this option. However, with the amount of photos and videos generated by the mobile devices, the storage size can balloon, which could be expensive when using a public cloud service. Further, your personal photos are stored in a 3rd party server where privacy, security and ownership is a big question mark. With FileCloud, user data is stored in your private cloud.

FileCloud provides the ability to backup user data from any computer running Windows, Mac or Linux to FileCloud. Users can schedule a backup and FileCloud automatically backs up the selected folders on the scheduled time.

In keeping with the rest of our product range, we aim to keep our FileCloud price structure as simple and transparent as possible. We do not offer huge introductory discounts or offer a solution which is "rich with required optional extras" We propose one monthly fee per user.

For a fixed and easy to budget monthly cost we are sure we offer a cloud storage solution which is everything your company would ever need.

FileCloud Storage Solution main features

Explore the main features of our FileCloud storage solution below.

  • Access Anything, Anywhere

    Drag and drop to your sync folder and automatically upload to FileCloud, at the same time synchronize your data to all your business devices and colleagues. iOS and android apps available for smartphone access. Make the most of your data 24 x 7.

  • Access, Share and Sync

    Dedicated private hosted online file storage and sync solution enables your organization’s files to be made available at any location.

  • Secure Mobile Access

    Ready for Tablets and Smartphones Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Windows 8. Encrypting files before upload, using AES-256 bit standard, ensures communication with CloudFile is always safe and secure over an HTTPS connection.

  • Secure Endpoint Backup

    Cloud backup designed for mobile enterprise. Secure backup across all platforms (Win, Mac, Linux) and devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets)

  • Sync Files

    Easy file sharing with partners and employees.

  • Secure Remote Access

    Totally secure remote access to your business data via web, sync, virtual drive, mobile apps, WebDav and browser add-ons, protecting your files and making them available to you across all of your devices.

  • Best Return on Investment

    FileCloud includes features and customisation that competitors typically charge extra for. We offer more, for a fraction of the price of our competitors. To further reduce costs, FileCloud gives you an unlimited number of free accounts for your clients and partners. They will have web-only access to the files you choose to share.

  • Smart Drive

    Our FileCloud Drive app mounts your cloud space as a local disk. It provides access to Terabytes of files without consuming local storage. Virtual drive helps limit offline copies of files and compies with current regulations.

  • Secure Customer Sharing

    Create public, private or password protected links. Securely receive files and set up group spaces for team file sharing. Mark your files view only which restricts the number of downloads and makes them available for a limited time. FileCloud lets you share files whichever way you want.

  • Ransomware Protection

    Cybercriminals try to exploit your trust and find vulnerabilities in your network. FileCloud comes with an industry-first heuristic engine to detect ransomware early. We limit your exposure to malicious attacks and our customisation features provide strong protection against malware, email sppofing and other threats.

  • Workflow Automation Made Easy

    Workflow automation streamlines processes like contract reviews, file requests, invoice approvals and more. Managers can create and share custom workflows with their team to improve performance by reducing errors and making high-volume tasks easier to accomplish.


Mobile Device Management and security

The latest FileCloud release brings mobile device management capabilities to the Enterprise administrators. Using FileCloud, your system administrators can get the inventory of mobile devices and their operating systems connected to your FileCloud. It allows admins to block the mobile device as well as send notifications to employees.

Remote Data Wipe

FileCloud Admin tool allows admins to erase the FileCloud data in mobile devices such as iPhones, android phones or tablets. If your users were to lose a mobile phone, admin could remotely wipe the FileCloud data in that device, protecting confidential files.

Endpoint Backup

FileCloud provides the ability to backup user data from any computer running Windows, Mac or Linux to FileCloud. Users can schedule a backup and FileCloud automatically backs up the selected folders on the scheduled time. Here are the key advantages of FileCloud’s endpoint backup.

High Performance: Our advanced algorithms ensures efficiency and provides backup across networks of varying quality. Automatic resume ensures completion even after interruption.

Simple: Non-disruptive and ongoing backups simplifies user experience and maximizes productivity.

Scalable: FileCloud and backup features are built on a scalable architecture that doesn’t impose any limit on file size or file count.

FileCloud Storage Frequently asked questions

FileCloud uses modern state-of-the-industry encryption and secure transfer protocols to keep your files safe. Configure your security policies easily for many levels of protection, including multi-factor authentication, SAML Single Sign-On, customer held encryption keys, virus scanning, ransomware detection and mobile device monitoring.
FileCloud helps you deploy and manage thousands of users and millions of files. Your administrator dashboard gives you powerful tools to track your files, including usage trends, geographical data and other key analytics. Apply global policies, customize user experience, automate document workflows, view reports and perform granular auditing all with FileCloud.
Store your Microsoft Office files in FileCloud and you can open, edit and save right from the app or using a browser. Automatically upload email attachments and share secure links with the FileCloud Outlook add-on.
FileCloud supports aggregating users into groups, which allows administrators to assign file/folder/share permissions to groups rather than applying global or user-specific policies. FileCloud promotes flexibility by supporting group organisation across the full range of permissions, including share links, metadata, team and network folders and NTFS permissions.
When you send large files through FileCloud’s secure network as a share link, these files can be immediately previewed on any device. This requires neither registration nor download of additional software.
FileCloud logs every operation that happens within the system. Records of who (username) did what (access, modify and delete), and to what data (files, folder), when (timestamp) and how (web, mobile, sync client and drive).
FileCloud is the first enterprise file sharing and sync platform to support GDPR across private, hybrid, and public clouds! Built-in pattern templates make it easy for admins to set up global policies that meet regulatory requirements.

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