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Dedicated and Virtual Cloud Servers

Mitol Perfectbackup was formed in 2005 well before the “cloud era” and as well as our backup solutions we pride ourselves in providing class leading dedicated and virtual servers to UK businesses. We offer a wide range of products from single low spec servers to highly resilient multi server multi TB solutions. All of our solutions are fully bespoked and we are able to offer 24 working hour setup on the majority of our services.

Dedicated and Virtual Cloud Servers main features?

Explore the main features of our dedicated and cloud server solutions below

  • Dedicated Firewall Included

    Every cloud server we provide has the protection of a dedicated firewall which allows only authorised traffic and filters out all unauthorised users from accessing your cloud server. For security, access to the firewall management portal is only available via your cloud server.

  • Two-factor authentication

    In addition to firewall protection you can further increase security measures with two-factor authentication. Every time a member of staff/user requests a login a 6 digit code is sent to their mobile phone for verification. Any attempt to login to your servers will be denied without the correct username, password and authentication key.

  • Highly Available

    All cloud servers operate on a high performance fibre based, solid state 3PAR multi-node storage cluster which is replicated across multiple data centres in the UK guaranteeing the highest hardware availability. Network availability is guaranteed at 99.999%.

  • Fully Bespoke Cloud Server

    You can choose a 'pre-packaged' server or you can build your own bespoke one to your exact requirements. You are able to specify the number of cores, amount of memory and SSD storage prior to setup. Specifications can easily change as your requirements change.

  • Increase Efficiency and Agility

    By moving your servers to the Mitol Perfect Backup cloud you can centralise your business systems and applications to a single easy to manage environment. Members of staff will be able to access the systems and work from any location.

  • Reduced Management Costs

    You will no longer need to buy hardware, pay to power it or for air conditioning to cool your servers. Fast costly internet connections are no longer required. The need for data backup is removed so the cost of an online backup service or local tape hardware/storage/software is completely negated.

  • Existing Image Importing

    If you are already running your existing IT infrastructure in a virtualised environment you can easily export and import into our cloud environment. Add any number of images to your servers using your IONOS Cloud Panel to secure them for the long term. There is no minimum contract. Cancel anytime.

  • Best Price in UK

    If all factors are taken into account such as replicated 3PAR storage, SSD data disks, clustered servers, included daily backup, unmetered bandwidth, multiple data centre replication, dedicated firewall, management portal with KVM access and 24x7 support we are convinced that you will not buy the same solution at a better price in the UK.

  • UK Data Centres

    All Mitol Perfect Backup cloud server infrastructure is UK based in data centres owned by Equinkx. Equinix currently own 220 data centres in over 60 markets on five continents and connect enterprises, networks, services and innovators from Mumbai to Dublin, Singapore to Chicago and Helsinki to San Jose.

  • DDoS Protection

    To ensure maximum uptime, DDoS protection is a must. They are most common at the Network (layer 3), Transport (Layer 4), Presentation (layer 6) and Application (layer 7) layers. Our DDoS mitigation system offers protection against layer 3, layer 4 and layer 6 as standard.


Dedicated means Dedicated!

Some cloud providers offer a dedicated server which is by definition dedicated to your needs, i.e. a virtual environment built specifically for you but resides on shared or multi-tenant hardware. Here at Mitol PerfectBackup our dedicated servers are physical servers purchased and built specifically for you. You are able to legally whatever you require, build your own multi server virtual environment or set up a web host for example.

All our servers are HP so depending on your requirement we would usually supply a DL360, DL380 or DL560 server. Many storage options are also available in addition to local, such as direct attached, NAS and SAN.

Virtual Servers - Let go to the Cloud

A Cloud server is a cost effective scalable solution which sits in a secure virtual container on a cluster of hypervisors. Each hypervisor provides compute resources such as CPU and RAM to the virtual machines. Storage is provided by a highly available fibre based enterprise grade 3-par storage area network. Maximum flexibility and agility is achieved as these resources can be scaled up or down on demand or as required.

As cloud servers have less reliance on physical hardware, high availability options and backup of a virtual server becomes very easy enabling total failover, full server restore or and single file restore to be completed extremely quickly.

Dedicated and Virtual Cloud Servers Frequently asked questions

As standard we are able to offer cloud servers with the following operating systems pre-installed:

  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2013
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Suse

Please get in touch if you need anything different.
Yes we are able to offer:

  • Microsoft Office Standard
  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • Microsoft SQL Web Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Standard Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Enterprice Edition
  • RDS Cals

Please contact us for software you do not see listed or for prices.
All servers come with a monthly bandwidth of 1000Gb. Additional bandwidth can be ordered in blocks of 100Gb. Please contact us for prices.
Yes, a dedicated firewall is included with each server or group of servers. You are able to connect and manage your firewall directly from your cloud server. Full dertails are provided at the time of order.
Yes, for security reasons we totally support the use of a Virtual Private Network. We support the following:

  • PPTP - Point-to-point Tunnelling
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • OpenVPN
  • SSTP
  • IKEv2

Please contact support to help us achieve this for you.
Yes, your server is backed up every night and backups are stored for 28 days. The backup frequency can be increased to hourly if required and may be stored for whatever period of time you require. Please contact sales for more information.

In the case of data loss it is possible to restore at file level or at virtual machine level.
Yes, this is how we connect a multi-server infrastructure for you.
Yes, we offer one dedicated external IP address and internal IP addresses as required. Please contact sales if you require additional external IP Addresses.
Yes. It is your cloud server so you get full root access to your Linux server and Administrator access to your Windows server.
It is your server so you can install whatever software your server supports and you have licenses for.
Yes, we provide a management portal which allows you to increase or decrease CPU, RAM and storage as you require. Your cloud server may need to be rebooted depending on what resources have changed.
THe following specifcation can be ordered for as little as £5.99 per month:

  • 1 x CPU cores
  • 1 x 1Gb RAM
  • 40Gb Storage
  • 1 x IP Address
  • Linux Operating System
We are capable of scaling any cloud server up to the following speficiation:

  • 56 x CPU cores
  • 768Gb RAM
  • 10000Gb Storage

To make a server of this size live additional configuration will need to be discussed with Technical Support. Please contact us for a price.
Yes, multiple servers connected via an internal infrastructure is the norm. An example is domain controller, RDS server, file server and application server all bespoke specification hosted in the cloud which are always on and always available!
Yes, you are able to change specification, change IP Address. You are also able to start, shutdown and reboot as well as access your cloud server with full KVM funcationality.
Yes, we offer a 30 day trial of all our products and services. Please contact sales to arrange this.
We offer month-to-month contracts. You are able to add or delete servers via your portal so if all cloud servers are deleted by the last day of the month we will not bill you.
Payments are usually collected via direct debit but we also accept payment via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card.

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