Secure inbound and outbound anti spam protection

Cloud Anti Spam Solutions

It is a fact, Email is the number one delivery vehicle of virus, malware or malicious software in the UK. Growing regulations related to transmitting of emails, as well as huge increase of un-solicited and related threats now make a robust email security system an absolute necessity for any large or small business. Handling your spam problem alone costs time and money which usually leads to mediocre filtering which results in general customer dissatisfaction.

Using a professional cloud based solution to protect your business from spam and virus attacks is acknowledged as being the smartest and most cost effective way to stay safe in today’s constantly changing environment. Moreover, implementing a SpamExperts solution will help you save time and money.

Inbound Protection

Inbound emails are one of the main channels of attack when it comes to malicious code entering a network. It is common practice for hackers to use the Email service to bring emails in to your company with the aim of infiltrating your network, introducing a virus or cleverly using major company brands to make you think that you are requested to log in to company websites. A great example of this is the common Spam emails that look like they are from your bank asking for you to log in to your account. These sites look legitimate but in fact are copies that are designed to read your password as you enter it.

Our anti-spam solution incorporates SpamExperts, using advance rules to filter out Spam and malicious emails before they enter your email service. This not only protects you and your staff from viruses and other malicious software but also reduces the load on your email service and ultimately your workstations and staff. With SpamExperts, your email is secure and filtered through multiple redundant hosted cloud servers thus replacing your typical black-box appliances.

Outbound Protection

Company and domain reputation is consistently increasing in importance and runs parallel with the increase in Spam globally. It is of great importance that your network, your systems and your domain are deemed to be safe from the governing bodies and suppliers spread across the world. If your network and your domain is seen to be spamming, there will be a negative effect on your domain and ultimately your ability to send emails at all.

It is therefore every business owner's responsibility to follow good practices when sending emails and to follow general guidelines, for example database lists should never be blindly bought and bulk emails sent through without the proper data cleansing. With SpamExperts we have provided a comprehensive outgoing filtering solution that is fully managed and deployed in the cloud ensuring that your allocated IP-ranges are always protected from being blacklisted. We ensure that any suspicious activity from your email domain is relayed back to you giving you enough of an opportunity to take action before your reputation is impacted.

Cloud Anti Spam Frequently asked questions

Rumour has it that the first spam communication was sent by DEC (now HP) to announce a new DEC-20 machine in 1978 by sending an invite to all ARPANET addresses on the west coast, using the ARPANET directory. The word spam in I.T terms was first used by a group of IT guys who were fans of Monty Python and it caught on.

The age of innocence has long gone and reasons for sending spam are not all good. The phrase spam universally relates to sending the bulk unsolicited messages, not necessary email and the general consensus is, if you can be contacted, you can be spammed.

Senders of spam range from individuals to large organisations, some who buy mailing lists some who have infected devices around the world who are capable of sending millions of illicit emails every hour. The reasons for sending such emails range from product / service awareness to fraud and theft.

Spammers use various methods to scan the internet for email addresses, buying email lists from various providers online are also another easy method. More targeted lists can be purchased from unscrupulous providers via the dark web which may contain additional information such as passwords, credit card details etc. This type of information invariably comes from compromised business databases.

No! In fact, year on year the quantity of spam is increasing rapidly. Depending on what sources you read the increase is between 32% to 75% year on year.

Gone are the days when spam was just an irritation, the worst it did was use additional bandwidth and make a mail server a little busier. Now spam emails help transmit viruses, malware and ransomware. We are all aware of the devastation a ransomware attack causes; therefore you should be aware that an anti-spam solution is an important security layer to protect your infrastructure.

Yes and No, many email providers have reduced the amount of spam from their systems, however nearly all spam comes from a free email provider or compromised desktop. If all email providers stopped spam emails being sent, we would not need an anti-spam solution.

Yes! Not every layer of your IT security measure are 100% perfect so the more layers you have the better. If you haven't already done so, you should install antivirus.

SpamExperts is a hosted and powerful per domain anti-spam solution. It offers a cost-effective solution which ensures all emails are scanned before they reach your mailbox.

Yes - Spam Experts applies an advanced form of greylisting to help stop a significant amount of spam with minimal resource usage. Although greylisting is a controversial technology, it is still highly effective when applied properly.

SpamExperts's global threat intelligence team constantly monitors the world of threats and have tools to act on live threats when needed, proactively updating the filters to ensure maximum email threat detection, and minimizing false positives.

If you have received a report stating an inbound message is blocked you can login to your SpamExperts management portal, view and check it is safe then release it. Alternatively contact support and they will release it for you. There is also the option to release and train so the same sender does not get blocked again. If you have an outbound blocked, please contact support and we can arrange release.

It will be immediately deleted. Records will still exist of the email but you will not be able to open it.

Yes, whitelists & blacklists are available by IP address, email address or domain. A blacklist will block everything and a whitelist will allow all emails to pass through the filter without scanning.

No, it will not have any effect on how quickly you can send or receive emails.

No! the limit is dictated by the sending or receiving email server.