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vBDR Features

Mitol's vBusiness Disaster Recovery is a feature rich virtual server backup and recovery solution specifically designed and developed to give you not only an efficient backup solution but a fast restore process for all Virtual Machines in your infrastructure. Your virtual servers are backed up as an image backup to your system locally and then uploaded to our UK data centres. The backups are replicated across our three data centres.

Restores are completed either at server level in the event of a major disaster, or at granular level if only parts of the system need to be restored. vBDR is a best of both worlds recovery solution for your virtual server environment and offers you a cost effective, secure and efficient disaster recovery solution.
Live Virtual Server Backup
You don't need to sacrifice performance or business productivity whilst backups are being carried out. Our vBDR solution securely backs up your virtual machines both locally and offsite to our cloud giving you a consolidated and live backup solution. Our system is so efficient that there will be a zero impact on your servers whilst backups are in operation.
Live virtual server backup
Built-in Online Replication
Our vBDR solution gives you the flexibility of having local and remote backups of your virtual servers. You can choose to store the local copy to the media of your choice or just leave safely on the server. The offsite backup will be replicated to our three UK data centres for safe keeping and can be easily restored.
Built in online replication
Granular File Level Restore
Our granular file level restoration is very different to other systems. Most backup systems need to perform file level backups in order to recover individual files. Our solution incorporates technology that allows file level recovery from a single full backup.
Granular File Level restore
Full Exchange Database or Mail Level Restore
Mitol's vBDR solution fully backs up your Microsoft Exchange database but does so at an individual mail or item level. The flexibility is given to you whether you need to recover your entire virtualised Exchange server, just the Exchange database or even if you just need to recover a particular email.
Full exchange database or mail level restore
Remote Management
Our vBDR solution provides you with an online management portal to make sure you are in complete control of your backups and restores. You don't have to be confined to your office to login in to the secure portal and manage any element of your backup or restore process.
Remote Management
Sandbox Restore
Although you will be notified via email every time a backup completes, having a successful backup is only half of the Disaster Recovery procedure. It is important that test restores are carried out. We include Sandbox restore functionality where you can manually or through a schedule can perform a test restore to give you that extra peace of mind.
Sandbox restore
Flexible Backup Media
Local backups are created initially as part of vBDR before they are uploaded to our UK data centres. Local backups can be run to various media including:
- USB external drives and flash drives
- eSata external drives
- File server network shares (via UNC path)
- NAS devices (via UNC path)
Fliexible backup media
A host of restore options
When the time comes where you need to recover either an entire server or just a few files, rest assured that our vBDR solution offers great flexibility. You can restore entire servers from a number of previous backup points and even restore a VM to the same physical server but with a different name without the need to overwrite your live VM.
A host of restore options
Safe and Secure Encryption Methods
Security should be at the top of the list for any business owner especially when it comes to the IT systems. Your data is enrypted to military standards at source before any uploading begins. Additionally the connection from your business to our UK data centres is further encrypted using the WCF framework ensuring that your data is safe in transit and storage.
Safe and secure encryption methods
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