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Why vBDR

A VM backup system designed for Business

Traditionally the backup and restore of virtual servers was an expensive and complicated matter. Many of the solutions on the market are still quite expensive due to the pricing structures depending on the number of processors, cores or the number of virtual machines in place. We understand that you don't want complicated and expensive solutions that could rise dramatically if you decide to introduce more virtual machines within your infrastructure. Many solutions don't offer an in the cloud backup of the virtual machines and if they do it almost certainly warrants additional costs.

The technical part

Mitol is incorporating the next generation of data backup for virtual servers. vBDR technology is the next evolutionary step that fuels data protection and restoration. We combine variable-length block-level global de-duplication technology with a powerful proprietary file system to provide near instantaneous granular any-point-in-time restores that also dramatically reduces storage requirements.
What does this mean to you? vBDR technology will reduce your online storage fees and will make you restores faster, more secure and more manageable. We utilise this technology to allow you to seamlessly backup your virtual machines and have them stored in multiple secure locations. To top that off, you will have an efficient means of recovering your data, both of which are critical in the event of a disaster

What makes vBDR special?

Instantly recover your system
With vBDR you can instantly boot or restore in any format. Imagine a process which can backup all your VMs without the lengthy and complicated restore process. All our backup images are stored at block level after de-duplication regardless of whether the source is VMWare or Hyper-V. As a result, any of our backed up server images are available in all the usual VMDK, VHD, VHDX formats. You can even instantly book, mount and restore fully compressed, de-duplicated and encrypted backups.

No more complicated backup schedules
There is no longer a need for complicated incremental, differential, full backup combinations. Every incremental is virtually available as a full backup and is a self-sufficient backup whilst taking up a fraction of the storage. There is no backup chain to traverse for merging incremental backups and no longer a risk of corruption from accidental deletions. Any desired point-in-time recovery is a single step and occurs instantaneously. One retention policy will meet your needs, it is that simple.

Perfect for the SME
A perfect solution for small to medium businesses, the Mitol vBDR solution is a comprehensive data protection solution designed for MSPs and IT Managers. It combines simplicity with advanced disk image technology perfect for your data protection and disaster recovery needs. vBDR is your one-stop solution for virtual server backups, restores and disaster recovery.

Onsite and offsite protection
vBDR offers all the benefits of an onsite back along with the added security of an offsite backup. Both are couple with several layers of security further protecting your company's data. You can protect files, databases, email systems and applications in both physical environments within your organisation and in the cloud on the Mitol UK data centres. In the event of a disaster your data and servers can be easily restored to any point locally or from our data centres instantly.
With vBDR all your virtual server backup and restore needs are all within your reach. We are always available to help so please contact us on 01904 737528 to discuss your requirement and to obtain a quotation.
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