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Virtual Backup and Data Recovery

Backup Hyper-v or VMware virtual servers onsite and offsite to our data centres automatically and in totality. Restore virtual servers in seconds or restore at individual file level or mail level. If your server and local backup have been destroyed we can make your backed up server available in the cloud within minutes.

Company data is the lifeline of any business, customer account details, invoices, supplier information, staff information to mention a few are all key to the continuation of a business. Imagine if for whatever reason the server that holds that information fails, what would your business do? How long would it take for your business to recover from a disaster? More importantly what would the loss of income be for that period and moving forward?

The last few years have seen an increase in the use of virtualised servers. Virtualisation is used with a larger physical server that is running with a number of smaller virtualised servers usually with a specific purpose. An example would be a virtual server for SQL, one for Exchange email, another for applications. Although there are countless merits of having a virtualised environment, a major issue with this type of infrastructure is a failure on the main host server which means all hosted virtualised servers will also fail which in turn increases the importance of virtual machine backup and restore plan.

Hybrid Online and Onsite Backup for Virtual Servers

There have been numerous studies which concluded that many organisations in the the event of a disaster are not able to be fully operational within a "Recovery Time Objective" ie. it takes too long to recover from a disaster. A follow on problem during and after a disaster, often results in a loss of business, in many cases, the loss is so catastrophic that the business closes permanently. It is frequently said that disaster recovery plans are expensive but this is usually from the business owners that had to close their business due to inadequate disaster recovery procedures.

Although hardware is more durable it is always preferred to replace hardware every three to five years. Unfortunately because of the large amounts of capital outlay for hardware and software, servers are not always replaced or upgraded leaving them more open to failure. The financial commitments of hardware upgrades, software and license upgrades pushes disaster recovery down the priority list further exposing the business to risk in the event of a failure.
Potential hazards
  • Data Loss of emails and documents
  • Full server crash
  • Theft, fire, storm or natural damage
  • Failed and / or incomplete backups
  • Workplace not accessible
What do we provide
  • Full system backups every 5 minutes
  • Quick and reliable system recovery
  • Replication to the “Cloud”
  • Fall back Server up in 1 hour
  • Full backup monitoring

How can I protect my business?

With Mitol's Backup & Disaster Recovery for Virtual Server solution (vBDR) your virtual servers canbe backed up in as little as every five minutes. Every time a backup completes it will be copied across to our cloud. Your backups will be safely stored and replicated to all three of our UK data centres giving you peace of mind that your infrastructure is safe.

Our vBDR solution will securely backup and store your virtual server infrastructure but this is only half of its merit, if your local backups cannot be used to recover your servers vBDR will step in. Our system is so powerful that we can recover your virtual server locally on your network or even to one of our data centres. What this means is that if for whatever reason your network or building is not available, your servers can still be made available in our Cloud ready for your staff to log in and continue with their work, all in a matter of minutes.
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