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Online Backup for Servers

Mitol has 14 years experience protecting Windows, Apple and Linux server data. We offer a class-leading solution which automatically backs up open files and live application data without downtime. You can backup an unlimited number of servers to a centralised account which can be centrally managed locally or via the web.

Mitol understands that business data is one of a company's most valuable assets so we make our backup process as efficient as possible. We store your data in three geo-dispersed data centres in a highly encrypted state. Over the past years our software, security, infrastructure and data centre technology has evolved to such a degree, we are able to offer unique data restore guarantees.

What do you get?

UK only Data Centres
We are aware of the potential issues with Safe Harbour and hosting data overseas or with international companies in general. This issue does not affect us, we are UK based with UK only ISO27001 certified data centres. We guarantee data never leaves our shores. We are only governed by UK/EU laws.
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Professional Support
Mitol are frequently receiving accolades for our service levels. Our average call to resolution time is less than 20 minutes. Email, online chat or telephone us for immediate support, we are available 24 hours a day. Regardless of your issue we are always here for you.
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Backup for Exchange
Protection of your Exchange environment at database and individual mail level is included within the monthly price. Now you are able to restore individual emails to a live database without downtime or requiring a database restart.
Database Protection
Mitol Perfect Backup gives you the ability to backup databases including MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Ingress, Lotus and many more without downtime. All the native database agents are included with our product. Our database agents are so efficient a minimum 90% compression ratio is usually achieved prior to backup.
Our solution includes the following modules for backups: Volume Shadow Copy (VSS), Continuous Data Protection (CDP), In File Delta technology and Brick Level Exchange. These modules ensure that all the core components of your systems are backed up ensuring complete disaster recovery
The Mitol PerfectBackup solution is platform independent, in other words Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, Novell and all platforms that support Java2 JRE Standard Edition, v1.3.1 or later will be compatible with ours, rest assured that your data will be backed up as often as you require.

Free Backup Account

Would you like a free 100 GB, 60 day trial? Call us and we can set an account up for you immediately. We do not require any payment details just an email address of where to send your backup report and you are under no obligation to continue after the 60 days. We have so much confidence in our products that we can offer this trial with no strings attached!
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