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Exchange Hyper Restore

Businesses are now totally dependent on email communication. When an Exchange server is down it becomes very difficult to effectively communicate with clients and suppliers. Loss of email in any shape or form almost certainly results in a loss of business, the loss of a calendar can result in missed meetings or an inefficient sales force.

The worst case scenario is a failed Exchange environment due to hardware issues. If you look at the logistics of replacing a failed Exchange server, It could take 48 hours to get new hardware on site. Once onsite the Windows Server operating system must be installed and updated, another day needs to be allocated for this. Once the operating system is installed, Exchange can then be installed and only when all of this has been completed can the restore process begin.

Whatever the cause of downtime and whatever the consequences are, there is one fact we cannot overlook; Downtime of a company's email system results in a loss of business. Mitol PerfectBackup offers you a new and unique restore service for Exchange servers called Exchange Hyper-Restore (EH-R). This service is available to all Mitol clients assuming we backup your Exchange server. It is specifically designed to get clients back online sending and receiving emails within a maximum 1 hour period.

How do we make this possible?

We create a mirror of your Exchange service on our Hosted Exchange Platform. We mirror your email accounts and and help you change DNS settings for your domain. We also provide you with redundant Outlook and Web Access details. In the situation where your Exchange server is unavailable we restore your Exchange database locally to one of our data centres, export the mailboxes to PST format and import them into your redundant Hosted Exchange environment. Once complete (usually within 1 hour) you will be able to log in and continue working.

What happens then?

Firstly the pressure is off, your staff are fully operational on our Hosted Exchange environment and your IT provider now has the time to repair or replace your server. Once your server is back online we can then export the new emails from our system and import them back into your newly repaired or replaced Exchange server.

How much does this service cost?

The setup, migration and restore process to our Hosted Exchange environment along with the first month of use is completely free, there is no charge whatsoever. If you wish to continue after the initial month the cost is then £5.99 + vat per mailbox per month.

This service is available to all Mitol PerfectBackup clients. All clients must be registered with us to take advantage of this unique service. Please contact our sales department for full details of how to register.
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