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Backup Security

We have built our business model on keeping client data 100% safe and secure. We understand that companies are more and more dependent on their data and how loss of data can literally bring your business to its knees. We look at backup security on two levels, the software level and the physical level.

Software Level Backup Security

Prior to backing up, your data is secured using a 256-bit encryption process at the source using the same encryption method used by banks, government and the military. Once the data has been encrypted, the Mitol Perfect Backup client installed on your device connects to our data centres via a Secure Socket Layer connection ensuring secure web transfer. An encryption key is used and set by you, this means nobody other than you can access your stored data. It is important to note that our software is so secure that the loss of the encryption key means you will not have access to your data.

After your data has been transferred, it enters into a stored state at our UK based data centres. Here it will be encrypted again to 448-bit level where it will then remain in its encrypted state. Even we cannot access your data! The final step of the backup process is the encrypted backup data is copied to our other data centres.

Physical Level Backup Security

The Mitol PerfectBackup solution stores your data at three data centres located in London, Manchester and Leeds. We only use the most secure data centres which have gained an ISO 27001 standard for security management. This certification specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System within the context of an organization’s overall business risks. This standard ensures best practice for security controls to protect information assets.

The data centres are fully resilient each being connected to two independent power grids, and have redundant cooling, power and dust control environments. They also restrict physical access into the buildings where only authorised personnel are let anywhere near our infrastructure.

In summary our online backup solution is totally secure. Backed-up data stored in our data centres is many times more secure than if it was stored locally at your office on an USB device stored next to your servers.

One final point, an enterprise online backup solution should not be confused with commodity online or cloud data storage solutions.
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