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Backup F.A.Q

Q) What is online backup?
It is imperative that you backup your company data, it is also good practice to store the backup as far from the live source as possible. Many companies still backup to tape and store the media offsite or in a fire proof safe, some may copy to CD or use a USB drive. There is a good chance if you backup to external media which is then left near the server, your company is at risk if there is a disaster within the premises, it is likely that the media will be destroyed by the same disaster. The purpose of any backup is to be able to restore data regardless of disaster scenario. An online backup solution now fashionably known as a cloud backup solution will automatically backup data to a offsite location therefore ensuring that restores can take place regardless of disaster.

Q) How secure is it?
Very! Prior to data being backed up, it is encrypted on your server to military standards. When the encryption process has finished, a Secure Socket Layer connection is initiated and the upload to our secure data centres will commence. Once data is transferred it remains in the same encrypted state and is copied to our other secure data centres. The good news is the only way to access your stored data is with the use of your encryption key. The bad news is without your encryption key data cannot be restored. Please always keep this key safe. For further information please view our security page.

Q) Where is my data stored?
Mitol offers a totally unique service, unique because we are the only backup provider to protect data in three separate data centres located in London, Manchester and Leeds. All three data centres have in place the highest of physical security protocols.

Q) What support is available?
Should a backup fail or you need help restoring data, we are always available. Our priority support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us via our contact page, email or telephone. We do not work on a 4 hour response, but an immediate response that enables us to resolve 98% of our support issues with the first call. Our average call duration in less than 6 minutes. If you like to roll up your sleeves and get under the hood we also have a self help knowledge base. For further information please view our knowledge base in the support section.

Q) How long do you store my data?
Storing data once it has changed or been deleted is called retention data. The retention policy setting is determined by you the client and your company's requirements. The default setting is set to 14 days but you are able to change this period to any time required. Most clients keep deleted data for 12 months but a small percentage have their retention set to 14 years. A 12 month retention setting means you can restore data from any good backup within the last 12 months.

Q) What data can I backup?
Any data which is important to your business can be backed up automatically and securely. File data, email data such as Microsoft Exchange, business databases based on Microsoft SQL, MySQL or Oracle for example can all the backed up. Hyper-V and VMware virtual servers can also be backed up in totality. Our backup software is very easy to use, allowing you to easily manage what needs to be protected.

Q) How often can I backup?
The simple answer is whenever you want. The scheduling service within our software offers complete backup flexibility. You can set your backup solution to run at any time of the day or night as many times a day as you require. Most of our customers backup at least three times per working day.

Q) How do I restore?
We offer three restore options all of which give you the ability to restore data at any time to any device or location. The first option is to restore to any device where our software is installed. The most common case for this is recovering individual files directly back to your server. The second option is to restore to any device connected to the Internet. Mitol provides our clients with a web based portal where data can be selected and restored directly onto that device. A common usage scenario for this option is if the main server is unavailable and data is urgently required offsite. The third option is to let us restore the data for you and ship via a same day courier. The most common use for this method is in a total disaster scenario or if a large amount of data is required but the local Internet connection is not sufficient.

Q) What operating systems are supported?
Our backup client is platform independent and based on Java therefore it can be installed on most operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Apple iOS and Novell.

If you have any further questions about our backup solution please do not hesitate to contact us.
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