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Online Backup

A cloud backup solution that will safeguard your business

Data loss caused by viruses, corruption, hardware failure or human error are a common occurrence. The consequences of data loss are well documented and businesses suffer greatly if they don't have adequate backup strategies in place. It is vital you have a backup and restore plan which meets your budget, technical requirements and available resources. Our first class service guarantees your data is always securely protected giving you total piece of mind.
Simple Solution
Our online backup solution is an easy-to-use system that requires no technical knowledge. It is as easy to protect a single PC or a multiple server environment. Typically only 5 minutes are required to set up a backup process. File, Exchange, SQL and System State (Small Business Server) are fully supported. Virtually no ongoing maintenance is required.
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Totally Automated
You can choose how often the automated backup runs, either every 10 minutes, hourly, daily or continuously. Once set this process requires no ongoing intervention. After every backup is completed a report is emailed automatically.
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Highly Secure
It is vital your data is totally secure regardless of where it is stored. Our solution encrypts your data to military standards prior to online backup. When transferred it remains in the same encrypted state whilst stored at our secure accredited data centres. Only you have access to your data.
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Onsite and Offsite
The PerfectBackup software allows you to backup directly to a local USB, Network, iSCSI or SAN device at the same time as offsite. It is as easy to restore from a local device as it is from our data centres.
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Advanced Retention Policies
Using the retention policy settings chose how long you wish to keep changed or deleted data. Now you are able to restore data back to any date required.
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Versioning Policies
Overwriting a document instead of saving as a new document is a common cause of data loss. There are also times where you just need to see an older version of a file or folder. Depending on your retention settings it is easy to restore previous versions.
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Cost Effective
There are no up front costs as we offer an easy to budget monthly price based on the amount of data you store. There are no charges for data transfer or restoring files, you will only ever pay for the storage used. See our pricing plans for further information.
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Reduce risk and maximise data security with a cloud backup solution from Mitol.

We have over 14 years experience providing data protection solutions to businesses in the UK. This experience puts us in the best position to provide a fully tailored solution with guaranteed backup and restore services which will meet your exact protection requirements.

We offer a fully installed 30 day trial with all our backup products, so why not give us a call and let us help you put a plan in place. If you already have one, let us make it more efficient or more cost effective for you.

Become a Reseller of Mitol Perfect Backup and give your company the extra edge

Are you an existing reseller of IT products and services? Are you looking to increase your monthly revenue and profit without any financial outlay, whilst providing your clients with a first class backup solution? We offer a number of excellent cloud reseller packages that create the ideal opportunity for you to offer new services to potential and existing clients. Please visit the Resellers page or contact us for further information.
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