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Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive Backup

If you’re using Office 365, don’t ignore your data protection responsibilities — or you may be putting your critical data at risk. Making assumptions about how cloud applications protect your data can be a huge oversight, and with limited built-in data recovery capabilities, Office 365 is an app that’s commonly overlooked. Industry analysts and leaders agree that you need to add backup and recovery tools to Office 365 for more comprehensive data management in protection.
Automated OneDrive Data Backup
Does your business store important data in the OneDrive cloud?Backing up your OneDrive data to a local device or directly to a non Microsoft cloud ensures data is always safe. Unlimited retention policy options with the ability to restore at file level or folder level.
Office 365 OneDrive Backup
Automated Office 365 SharePoint Data Backup.
Easy setup and automatically backup SharePoint Data direct to our data centres every hour with unlimited retention possibilities. Restore a whole SharePoint site or a single file instantly.
Office 356 SharePoint Backup
Easy backup and recovery of full mailbox or brick-level items
Administrators of Office 365 are able to back up all or selected mailboxes under their accounts with just a few clicks. Not only the full mailbox, one can also select brick-level items such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and public folders for backup and restore.
Agentless or agent-based deployment options
Administrators are empowered to deploy the Office 365 mailbox data backup solution flexibly in agentless or agent-based approach for meeting different needs. Simply use the web console for hassle-free backup and restore management on the go, or adopt the OBM / ACB client agent for robustness and backup performance.
Automatic backup with flexible scheduling
Office 365 Exchange mailbox backup can be scheduled at one's will so that it is performed most conveniently. Backup jobs can be run automatically at a specific time or on a recurring basis. Administrators can also create multiple custom backup plans to accommodate different levels of protection for different Office 365 user groups.
High-speed and efficient backup
The multi-threading implementation in our solution utilises the computing power of multiple CPU cores for creating multiple backup and restore threads to turbocharge the Office 365 mailbox data backup and restore performance.
Infinite retention period of mailbox data
Users are able to keep their important Office 365 mailbox data as long as they want utilizing custom retention policies. They can also set daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly retention policies to flexibly suit their IT audit and compliance needs.
Flexible point-in-time recovery
Users can restore their Office 365 mailbox data from any point in time that it was backed up. Even multiple versions of an item can be recovered through a single operation if needed. There are no more fears for data loss due to accidental or malicious deletion.
Centralized administration and configuration in web console
Our centralized web console offers administrators and backup users a one-stop location for monitoring and managing backup and restore activities. Administrators are allowed to create multiple backup user accounts and mass deploy backup rules at the same time. This saves provisioning costs and time in organizations with large enterprise deployment.
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