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Why Mitol Exchange

Over the years corporate email systems evolved from simple message handling through to the current day collaboration systems, messages, calendars, documents, tasks and groups which can effectively manage businesses through a single system. Microsoft Exchange is enriched with features making it unquestionably the de-facto email solution for businesses of all sizes. The co-creation and data sharing facilities enable you to collaborate and share information calendars, contacts and resource rapidly and across many different types of devices.

A Tailor Made Service for your Business

Whether you're new to Exchange or not, we are always here for you. Mitol will migrate your existing email platform to our hosted environment without downtime or data loss. Once you have migrated we are always working in the back ground on your behalf making sure your mail boxes are replicated, backed up and always available.
Managed or unmanaged, its up to you. Everything can be easily managed via your Web portal or we can manage it on your behalf. You are able to control your included anti-spam account, add mailboxes, delete or create aliases all at the click of a button. Regardless of what you want, the system will easily adapt to your daily needs.

What Makes us Special

No hidden costs
We don't advertise a low entry point then load you with "additional options" or offer a discount for the first few months which quickly ramp up once you are committed. We are totally transparent in our offering with a complete "all you will ever need" email solution which will always mean you have the best service for the best price possible.

Simple Price Structure
We offer a total email solution with a very simple price structure. £5.50 per mailbox per month. There is only one option, an extra £1.30 per license per month for the latest version of Microsoft Outlook. If you already have Outlook or an alternative email client you do not need this. You will receive a single monthly bill for the number of mailboxes that are within your account. If staff leave and you no longer require the emails, simply remove the mailbox from the web portal and you will no longer be charged for it.

Included Inbound and Outbound Spam and Virus Filtering
We have teamed up with SpamExperts who are one of the industry leaders in filtering Spam and Viruses from inbound and outbound email. Whilst we leave email filtering to the specialists we include a management portal which enables you to fully manage what email is delivered to your mailbox. If you are worried whether legitimate emails are being blocked then we can easily configure the system to send you and your staff daily SPAM reports where a list of emails that have been blocked are displayed, if any legitimate emails have been stopped, each one has options to release, whitelist and blacklist.

Unlimited Mailbox Storage
We don't make offers of "unlimited mailbox storage" with caveats, we do genuinely offer you a mailbox as big as you need without extra cost. Not only are your mailboxes unlimited in storage capacity but an unlimited personal archive is also included with every mailbox. Archives have a retention period of 2 years. Archives are also stored in our data centres as opposed to the traditional method of on the local machine.

2 Year Un-Delete
If you have ever deleted an important email from Outlook whether it was yesterday or last month you will fully appreciate how it feels and how it can impact you in your work. We eliminate this issue by offering the ability to un-delete emails from up to 2 years ago.

24/7 UK Based Email Support
Once you are on our Hosted Exchange Email solution, problems will be often far and few, however, if you do have any issues or any technical questions our support team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All support is UK based (York) so we guarantee to resolve any issues pretty much immediately.

99.999% Availability
We understand how important your email service is to you. Because we understand this importance we replicate your mail account to many server servers across three data centres located in London, Manchester and Leeds. In addition to this already resilient system, we also backup your mailboxes locally making us one of the few hosted email providers to offer a true documented 5 x 9 quality of service.

If you would like further information regarding our Hosted Exchange Email solution please call today and speak to our staff. We are always happy to help.
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