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Exchange Features

As the leading global corporate email platform Microsoft Exchange is incredibly feature rich. Our Exchange hosted platform gives your business these features with an easy to use web portal and is accessible via a number of different methods and across a number of devices. Here are a few of these features and how they can help your business.

Outlook Web App (OWA)

Although support across all devices is easily achievable there are always times where these devices are not available. In these situations a web portal is available. Simply access the SSL web page, log in and access your email, calendars, public folders and contacts simply by using a browser and an Internet connection. Outlook Web App offers three different and easy to use layouts specifically optimized for PCs, smartphones, and tablets.


In order for any business to be effective, collaboration is key. It is now very easy to share calendars with your work colleagues, check their availability and movements therefore making organising meetings, projects and information flow easier and simpler. With shared mailboxes, calendars and tasks you’ll be able to manage workloads more effectively and simplify communication within your organisation.

Synchronised data across all devices

Regardless of whether you are in the office, at a remote location, at home or even on the move, you can send and reply to emails, schedule your time and access your contacts via any device. ActiveSync automatically synchronises your data across all your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices. If you send emails or add a calendar entry into your mailbox from your phone, everything will be synchronised and replicated across your tablet, PC, MAC and web access portal.

Greater Security

Security is paramount, user mailboxes need to be as secure as possible in order to protect your business from external attack, hackers and general loss of data. Your Hosted Exchange system will be hosted by an English company in UK data centres and is therefore subject to UK only legislation, which is very strict in terms of personal data privacy. Nobody other than people or organisations authorised by you can access your email. All access to your Exchange system is also further secured using SSL certificates and with the SpamExperts spam and virus filtering service that is included, you can be sure that your email system is safe.

Management Portal

We understand that our clients may not want to call us every time they want to administer their Hosted Email system. Mitol has invested heavily in developing our Microsoft validated portal for Exchange and offers resellers and end users everything they need to provision and manage their hosted exchange environment. Now it is easy for you to fully manage your system without having prior Exchange knowledge. For example, it is very easy to add an extra mailbox for a new member of staff or add an alias. If you are struggling with the administration of the Exchange system, give us a call, our support team are available to you 24/7.

Daily backups

With locally hosted Exchange Systems IT Managers have to ensure that the appropriate backup agents are installed and configured for Microsoft Exchange. With our hosted platform, there is no longer any need or requirement for you to backup. We take care of everything so this is one less thing for you to worry about, we backup your Exchange data every night and store the backups. Whether you need a single email recovered or your entire Email system, give us a call and we will spring into action.

Public folders

Public folders have been part of Microsoft Exchange since the first version and are a fantastic tool for companies to organise and share information. Our public folders are stored in the same UK data centres and are unlimited with unlimited storage. You have full access and can control user privileges within your organisation. Within the public folder hierarchy you can store emails, contacts, calendar items and journal entries.
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