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Email Security

A fully resilient 100% available Hosted Email system is a great start but is nothing without security. Security is something that is not taken lightly at MitolPerfectBackup. We understand that your company data, often critical and sensitive, is stored in "the cloud" and needs to be secure. Mitol leaves absolutely nothing to chance. We take every step in ensuring that your data is safe from the SSL certificates used, to the UK based data centres we use, the firewalls we purchase, the servers that we buy and even the staff that we employ.

Your sensitive data hosted here in the UK

Mitol Exchange is hosted in three data centres located in England (London, Manchester and Leeds). As we are based in York, we are central to all our data centres and ideally located within three hours of all three locations. As all data is stored in the UK and managed by a UK based business we are not affected by jurisdiction of the US Patriot Act. Safe Harbour is creating a legal storm at present and we don't intend to either drag you in to it or make your data less secure than it should be.

Our multi level firewall and network security, combined with the physical data centre access prevention measures, ensures that only you have access to your email data. Only a very select few are named contacts for the systems we use ranging from software level right through to actually having access into the data centres.

All of Mitol's data centres are fully ISO27001 accredited, so your data is protected with the highest level of security and protection. Potentially malicious email is kept at bay with our specialist provider SpamExperts. The combination of all of the above always gives you the best possible protection against viruses, intrusive software and loss of data.
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