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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

If you were asked the question "what couldn't your business survive without", chances are you would reply email. Today businesses are almost totally dependent on email for client and supplier communication, business generation, invoicing and staff management. Having a single point of failure, namely an internal email server within the organisation is now too much of a risk for most businesses. The answer is therefore to have a cost effective solution hosted in a secure environment that is accessible across all your devices via an internet connection at all times.

Powered by multiple servers running latest software versions in geo-redundant UK data centres, our hosted Microsoft Exchange service offers an enterprise class email solution at a fraction of the expected cost of an onsite solution. Hosted Exchange offers much more than just email, included is an integrated system for managing business life, a solution which is available 100% of the time. Email, contacts, calendar and documents are all brought into a centralised location which is always available and accessible. Being away from your usual place of work no longer means being out of touch.

Fact: A highly secure and available hosted email solution increases productivity.

Budgeting for expensive hardware requiring specialist management with high ongoing costs is no longer nessesary. Simplify your business with our hosted email solution whilst increasing your company's efficiency and reducing costs. Our solution is totally scalable so there this no need for advanced planning, no long term contracts and billing is easy, you will receive a single monthly bill and will only pay for what you use.

Fast, Flexible and Scalable

Mitol's Hosted Exchange solution will certainly save and protect you from initial hardware investments, implementation costs, future upgrades and management costs. We have a competitive pricing model, with a fixed price of £5.50 per mailbox per month. Our platform comprises of a large number of enterprise class email servers that work together across our three UK based data centres, every aspect of the email system has the appropriate failovers ensuring that your email is available to you 100% of the time.

Seamless access across all your devices

You will never be out of touch again, let all your email devices automatically synchronise. Whether you use Outlook on a Desktop PC, laptop or MAC, or if you want your emails on your tablet or Smartphone, our Hosted Exchange solution will connect you and will keep all your information synchronised from email to tasks, calendars or contacts.

Outlook Web App

Imagine if you didn't have your laptop with you and your smart phone has no battery. This isn't a problem because all mailboxes can be accessed via internet based Outlook Web App. Simply go to a computer that has a connection to the Internet and login in to the Web App to send and receive emails.

Migration Service

The process of changing email provider or migrating emails from a local server to a hosted solution can be very technically challenging and time consuming. Let us take care of this for you, we can help you migrate your entire system to ours without downtime or data loss. Many of our clients leave work on Friday and come back on Monday morning having absolutely no knowledge of any changes. Everything appears just the same. Contact us on 01904 737 528 and we can talk you through the migration process.

So much more than just an email account

Whilst ensuring we are competitive in the market, added value and all encompassing are two phrases that we adhere to. Our mailboxes are not just a basic version of an email account, all mailboxes have unlimited storage quotas along with a two year un-delete facility. All inbound and outbound emails are scanned via Spam Experts virus protection and every mailbox is backed up nightly with a retention period of up to 30 days.
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