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FileCloud Backup

Endpoint Backup

FileCloud provides ability to backup user data from any computer running Windows, Mac or Linux to FileCloud. Users can schedule a backup and FileCloud automatically backs up the selected folders on the scheduled time. Here are the key advantages of FileCloud’s endpoint backup.

High Performance: Our advanced algorithms ensures efficiency and provides backup across networks of varying quality. Automatic resume ensures completion even after interruption.

Simple: Non-disruptive and ongoing backups simplifies user experience and maximizes productivity.

Scalable: FileCloud and backup features are built on a scalable architecture that doesn’t impose any limit on file size or file count.

iOS and Android Backup

The FileCloud iOS app allows users to automatically backup their media files (photos and videos) directly to FileCloud. This is a very convenient feature and some popular public cloud services such as Dropbox, iCloud provide this option. However with the amount of photos and videos generated by the mobile devices, the storage size can balloon, which could be expensive when using a public cloud service. Further, your personal photos are stored in a 3rd party server where privacy, security and ownership is a big question mark. With FileCloud, user data is stored in private cloud.
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