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Dedicated and Cloud Servers

Mitol Perfectbackup was formed in 2005 well before the “cloud era” and as well as our backup solutions we pride ourselves in providing class leading dedicated and virtual servers to UK businesses. We offer a wide range of products from single low spec servers to highly resilient multi server multi TB solutions. All of our solutions are fully bespoked and we are able to offer 24 working hour setup on the majority of our services.

Dedicated means Dedicated!

Some cloud providers offer a dedicated server which is by definition dedicated to your needs, i.e. a virtual environment built specifically for you but resides on shared or multi-tenant hardware. Here at Mitol PerfectBackup our dedicated servers are physical servers purchased and built specifically for you. You are able to legally whatever you require, build your own multi server virtual environment or set up a web host for example.

All our servers are HP so depending on your requirement we would usually supply a DL360, DL380 or DL560 server. Many storage options are also available in addition to local, such as direct attached, NAS and SAN.

Virtual Servers – Let go to the Cloud.

A Cloud server is a cost effective scalable solution which sits in a secure virtual container on a cluster of hypervisors. Each hypervisor provides compute resources such as CPU and RAM to the virtual machines. Storage is provided by a highly available fibre based enterprise grade 3-par storage area network. Maximum flexibility and agility is achieved as these resources can be scaled up or down on demand or as required.

As cloud servers have less reliance on physical hardware, high availability options and backup of a virtual server becomes very easy enabling total failover, full server restore or and single file restore to be completed extremely quickly.

Dedicated and Cloud Servers
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