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How it Works

There is no single silver bullet solution to security. Data security is a massive subject and having a solution that is able to detect and quarantine over 98% of spam mail is just one part of best practice security management.

Our anti-virus solution is provided by SpamExperts is a cloud based solution so no hardware or software has to be purchased or maintained. Essentially it acts as a gateway between the outside world and your email server, capable of making the correct decision in terms of which emails can travel to and from your email server.

Proprietary self-analysing smart technology system enables us to detect and eliminate unwanted email communication before it reaches you. Real time monitoring of global email traffic enables us to automatically apply continuous filter updates assuring up to date protection.

The detection engine (the software that detects unwanted or malicious email) is not just a single process but actually consists of several content inspection engines; each engine has a role of varying complexity. Regardless of what is happening in the background you can rest easy knowing inbound and outbound email passes through all engines before it arrives anywhere near your infrastructure.

As well as offering best in class email filtering we also act as an email buffer. The buffer or delivery queue adds additional redundancy and availability to your email existing server. Traditionally if your email server fails (due power loss or data corruption scenarios for example) all incoming emails are bounced and most likely lost. Our system will buffer your inbound email queue for up to 4 days which are also readable via our management portal, so now you will never miss that important email.

It is not your issue and you have more important things to be doing than worrying about than how technically in-depth and complicated the email filtering process may be. This is why we have created the most simple management portal that will allow you to manage your anti-virus solution with absolute ease.
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