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Cloud Anti Spam

It is a fact, Email is the number one delivery vehicle of virus, malware or malicious software in the UK. Growing regulations related to transmitting of emails, as well as huge increase of un-solicited and related threats now make a robust email security system an absolute necessity for any large or small business. Handling your spam problem alone costs time and money which usually leads to mediocre filtering which results in general customer dissatisfaction.

Using a professional cloud based solution to protect your business from spam and virus attacks is acknowledged as being the smartest and most cost effective way to stay safe in today’s constantly changing environment. Moreover, implementing a SpamExperts solution will help you save time and money.

Inbound Protection

Inbound emails are one of the main channels of attack when it comes to malicious code entering a network. It is common practice for hackers to use the Email service to bring emails in to your company with the aim of infiltrating your network, introducing a virus or cleverly using major company brands to make you think that you are requested to log in to company websites. A great example of this is the common Spam emails that look like they are from your bank asking for you to log in to your account. These likes look like legitimate websites but in fact are copies that are designed to read your password as you enter it.

Our solution that incorporates SpamExperts, uses advance rules to filter out Spam and malicious emails before they enter your email service. This not only protects you and your staff from viruses and other malicious software but also reduces the load on your email service and ultimately your workstations and staff. With SpamExperts, your email is secure and filtered through multiple redundant hosted cloud servers thus replacing your typical black-box appliances.

Outbound Protection

Company and domain reputation is consistently increasing in importance and runs parallel with the increase in Spam globally. It is of great importance that your network, your systems and your domain are deemed to be safe from the governing bodies and suppliers spread across the world. If your network and your domain is seen to be Spamming there will be a negative effect on your domain and ultimately your ability to send emails at all.

It is therefore every business owner's responsibility to follow good practices when sending emails and to follow general guidelines, for example database lists should never be blindly bought and bulk emails sent through without the proper data cleansing. With SpamExperts we have provided a comprehensive outgoing filtering solution that is fully managed and deployed in the cloud ensuring that your allocated IP-ranges are always protected from being blacklisted. We ensure that any suspicious activity from your email domain is relayed back to you giving you enough of an opportunity to take action before your reputation is impacted.

Whilst we pride ourselves by offering a class leading Anti Spam solution, we are also very happy to offer this service at a low cost of £9.99+VAT per month per domain. Regardless of the number staff or email accounts you have we only charge a flat fee of £9.99+VAT per month.

Please contact us to set up a totally free 1 month trial, we will have you up and running within minutes.
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