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With backup you are never alone

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By Lee


You’ve done it nicely. The backup is well organized, so if something happens you can work around the roadblock, thanks to rapidly restore your system. Practically all the applications you use run entirely in the cloud. So there is little reason for improvement, right?

Well in all honesty it all depends on who you ask. The IT market is flooded with professionals who all offer their services for bargain prices. Weather it comes to online storage, disaster recovery or cloud systems. But the service never seems to be an all in one approach. It seems completely logical for this to be the case, however a large proportion of companies just look at the service itself rather than how it engages in the overall picture of IT services.


To prevent downtime, it is recommended to purchase your services from a supplier where all aspects of cloud data services are provided. A company like Mitol PerfectBackup fits nicely in this picture because they do just that. They provide all the services you need which automatically apply higher guarantee of business continuity. If there is a problem with your data and something happens, then you are just a phone call away from a solution.

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