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Windows 10 Update - Make sure your Data is backed up first!

Windows 10 Update - Make sure your Data is backed up first! image



The importance of data backup before carrying out a Windows 10 update

Over the past few days there have been recent reports that the latest Windows 10 updates have the potential to erase data from laptops and PCs. The claim has been reported as alleged and as far as we understand Microsoft is yet to comment. Today we received a call from one of our client-resellers requesting a restore to be carried out because of this very reason. A large amount of historical data gathered over a number of years, approximately around 18000 files totalling 73GB had been deleted from a client’s laptop as a result of a Windows upgrade. Luckily the client was protected by our Perfect Backup solution and therefore was able to restore his data within a couple of hours. We would hate to think of the consequences should their data not be protected. Please make sure your important data is backed up before you undertake a Windows 10 update or any operating system update.

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