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Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends 2019

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Cloud computing has taken the technology industry by storm. In 2019, we expect to see more UK businesses take advantage of cloud solutions and advance in digital transformation.

1. Cloud security will take priority

There are many reasons for cloud security, but one of the main reasons for the high-demand in cloud security in 2019 is down to the political uncertainty around Brexit. Brexit could lead to a rise in phishing attacks for businesses in the UK and Europe. According to EclecticIQ, IT security and cyber intelligence researchers said that “Cybercriminals could easily exploit Brexit in large-scale phishing campaigns.” They also said “A campaign targeting businesses could see cybercriminals sending out documents that are made to look like government advice on dealing with Brexit [but] which in fact, download malware.” See article Spike in Brexit-themed phishing attacks expected once withdrawal agreement is finalised.

2. Cloud-based services and solutions will continue to rise

ZDNet reports that “Globally speaking, Gartner predicts that by 2021, cloud revenues will total $278 billion.” Getting started with the cloud is the key to unlocking the value of cloud. In essence cloud computing is a framework for storing, managing and processing data online via the Internet allowing on-demand network access to shared resources. The delivery of the cloud computing framework delivers 3 different models: Software as a service (Saas) suitable for end users; Infrastructure as a service (Iaas) suitable for developers; Platform as a service (Paas) suitable for vendors (IT administrators).

3. Business aspirations for Hybrid Cloud is sky-high

Hybrid Cloud offers an integrated cloud service utilizing both private ‘on-premises’ managed cloud services and ‘third party managed’ public cloud services to orchestrate distinct functions within the same business. The advantage of Hybrid cloud is that it’s an agile, cost-effective and transitional solution for a business that needs to reduce demands on-premises and improve scalability. With more businesses investing in Hybrid cloud the more businesses are changing and adapting to a virtual environment. Hybrid cloud solutions will continue to see more opt-ins from business for prominence in the path to digital transformation and gain a competitive advantage.

4. IT budgets will be heavily invested in upgrading IT infrastructure to the Cloud

According to Spiceworks annual report on IT budgets and tech trends “The need to upgrade outdated IT infrastructure is the biggest driver of IT budget increases in 2019.” As a result of this heavy investment, Mitol PerfectBackup predicts that there will be an upsurge in demand for virtual backup and disaster recovery solutions.

5. Serverless computing gains more popularity with SMEs

For some years now, SMEs have been reluctant to join the cloud revolution, hence, SMEs have been more inclined to take longer to make the transition from traditional to digital solutions. However, with the rise of cloud, businesses are hearing and seeing the advantages of cloud over traditional (on-premises) IT solutions that are now outdated, costly and uncertain. Now more than ever before, serverless computing is gaining more popularity with SMEs.

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