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The top 4 most preventable types of data loss

The top 4 most preventable types of data loss image

By Graham


Every IT person recognizes the panic that broke out when, for whatever reason, data loss occurs within the company. The pressure on the IT department to protect the company’s information and work is an unprecedented height of responsibility. In which, sometimes, ??mistakes are made. But now data can be located and restored.

Every company will at some stage in its path face data loss. In drastic situations the fallout can sometimes cause lasting residual damage, but data loss also happens in ways that are best avoidable. Here are some of those situations to avoid.

1. No clear description and implementation of existing IT, retention and backup procedures . For example, a test server is transferred to the production environment, but no one has told the IT department that there is now valuable data on it which needs to be backed up.

2. No up – to- date operating system and antivirus software. The days are already packed and there is too little manpower to patch. But that can lead to security holes and treacherous extensive data loss.

3. No effective backup. Recent research by Knoll discovers that among customers only 60 percent have a backup in place at the time of data loss, but that backup failed to operate when it was needed.

4. The IT security is not tested. Even the smallest error in IT security can have serious consequences, including loss of data and huge loss items. If you do not check in advance it is going to be your own fault lost data.

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