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FileCloud just announced latest product update v18.2

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FileCloud, a cloud-based enterprise file sync and sharing solution, today announced the launch of DocIQ, a real-time data feature that functions as a layer on top of Microsoft Office to display relevant contextual information to help users collaborate. FileCloud said... “We are excited to announce our latest product update (v18.2). This update includes many new features including support for FIPS 140, FileCloud DocIQ, Metadata Support in FileCloud Sync and Drive app.” In this article we will concentrate on the new DocIQ feature: -

Introducing FileCloud DocIQ - The Ultimate Office Add-in!

In today’s workplace, it is a common practice for multiple stakeholders to collaborate on the same document. This approach typically requires employees, customers, and partners to switch between apps, send emails, and keep track of messages. With File Cloud’s DocIQ assistant, relevant information is organized and displayed without ever having to leave the document. DocIQ empowers you to accomplish tasks faster. Watch Video on FileCloud DocIQ here on YouTube
FileCloud Doc IQ

Available as an add-in to Microsoft Office, DocIQ brings together relevant information from various streams into an intuitive and easy-to-read format that allows collaboration across the globe and multiple devices. Features include:

• Avoid conflicts by using file lock when many users want to edit the same document • Prevent other users from downloading files currently being edited • Display details of who you have shared files with and manage sharing access • Read and maintain notes and comments alongside the document

How to get DocIQ?

When you install the latest FileCloud client, such FileCloud Drive or FileCloud Sync desktop app, you have the option to add DocIQ to your Microsoft Office suite. Click here to get the latest FileCloudDrive and FileCloudSync app.

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