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Cloud Backup vs Local Backup, which one is better for my business?

Cloud Backup vs Local Backup, which one is better for my business?  image


Cloud Backup vs Local Backup, which one is better for my business?

If you’re finding it difficult deciding between cloud backup and local backup for your business then hopefully this article will help you towards making the right decision.
Local backup is a traditional approach to backing up your personal and, or business data. Typically, this involves using local hardware storage to store backed up files.
Cloud backup is a contemporary approach that typically involves an ‘online’ backup solution managed by a cloud service provider that you pay for a fee.

Local Backup

With local backup you have the advantage of effectively backing up your data on portable storage devices such as external hard drives, USB’s, CD’s, DVD’s etc. with ease and speed. The hindrance is that every time you make changes to data, you’ll have to manually backup your data files. This may be a suitable option until one day you forget to make a backup or your computer decides to crash before you decide to save your work. More so, you can never be sure of when corruption or loss of data could strike from hardware failure, or worse, from a fire, flood or theft. A manual data backup is awfully slow/time-consuming, and may or may not allow a full data recovery.

Cloud Backup

The growth of the Internet and Innovating tech over recent years has opened up the gateway for cloud backup and other cloud-based service solutions for both, personal and business data. The majority of people nowadays operate on multiple devices to store, sync, share and backup their data online using services such as iCloud, Google drive, Google photos and Dropbox. Similarly, cloud backup has become a popular option for business data compared to local backup. The reason being, is that businesses tend to process huge amount of data that requires ease of accessibility at all times of the day. Should a disaster strike, you’ll have peace of mind that your data can be recovered both, efficiently and effectively. Overall, Online backup and cloud services can be comparatively safer and cheaper than local backup since they have dedicated hardware and automation. More detailed information can be found here.

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