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2006 vs 2018 Backup Survey's Reveal Shocking Results

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The most recent backup survey conducted by Mitol PerfectBackup reveals shocking results when compared to a backup survey that was conducted twelve years ago.
Back in 2006, Mitol PerfectBackup carried out a backup survey based on 600 companies in the UK and found that a staggering 22% did not backup their data in any way, whilst only 14% had an adequate backup plan in place, where regular test restores were carried out. At the time, key reasons to backup were to prevent data loss against fire, theft, flood, hardware failure, human error and viruses. In this new information age, where we are handling much bigger amounts of data, there is much more at stake and thus more reasons to backup. Also, at that time, data protection options were also somewhat limited. Tape, USB, and NAS were commonly stored in the same building or office, and at times taken offsite by a trusted employee. Nowadays, there are far more risks involved with data breaches, and the data protection legislation demonstrates this with a revised (2018) DPA legislation.
In fact, technology has moved in an exponential pace since then. As internet speeds increased, online backup solutions started to become more mainstream as they were and continue to be automated and require less management. Onsite servers and operating systems are much more robust and reliable. Moreover, server virtualization is widely adopted and Mitol PerfectBackup have seen a growth of businesses now accessing their data via cloud services and online backup solutions in place. Nonetheless, viruses are still a threat as we are forever hearing horrific Ransomware stories, hence why now more than ever before there is a pressing need for reliance and resilience to the data we handle.
In 2018, Mitol PerfectBackup carried out a backup survey based on 1000 companies in the UK to reveal how far businesses have come with backup since 2006. Given that data is more important and bigger than ever before, Mitol PerfectBackup expected to see a dramatic shift in consumer behaviour when it comes down to protecting their business data. However, to our surprise, this was not the result.

The backup survey results show

• Almost half of the businesses surveyed have some type of backup but do not follow best practices for backup. For example, they store data on the same physical onsite server.
• 181 out of 1000 companies in the UK have no backup whatsoever.
Our take from the backup survey results means that in a twelve-year period there has only been a 4% shift in backup. The reasons for not backing up were varied, from ‘too busy, my data is not that important, too expensive and not ever thought about it’.
To conclude, businesses (whatever type and size) should be aware that investing in backup is like buying insurance, many would rather no spend time trying to find the right solution and end up paying for the effort. More importantly, where a business finds the whole concept of backup to be technically daunting, its good to know that there are easy backup solutions.

Best practices for backup

• Data should be backed up at least once per day
• Data backup should not be accessed by members of staff
• Data backup should be encrypted
• Data backup should not be stored on single disk environments
• Data backup should not be stored on the same location as ‘live’ data
• Data should be copied to more than one location
• The direct link between server and backup location should be password protected
• Data should have a retention policy for at least 60 days.

Regardless of the size of business, how much data, or how many servers you have, Mitol PerfectBackup can provide a solution. There is no one size fits all option, your backup needs are accommodated to your business requirements and budget. Please call Mitol PerfectBackup today to discuss options that we can tailor to your business needs.

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